Southern Sojourns
Property Management

Southern Sojourns Property Management is a leading property management company specializing in short-term and mid-term rentals, including vacation rentals, corporate leasing, and disaster relocation in Texas. With our extensive expertise in multi-tasking and tailored solutions, we seamlessly handle every aspect of property management, from listing optimization and guest communication to cleaning, maintenance, and revenue maximization.

We know, that as a landlord, capex is a benefit of having a rental property. Southern Sojourns PM, LLC leaves that tax break for you while taking over the minor (and more frequent) updates/expenses needed to ensure maximum occupancy. Of course, we are flexible to accommodate the needs of the property at all times.

Our dedicated team ensures a smooth and profitable experience for property owners, employing strategic pricing strategies, thorough guest vetting, and efficient operations. Trust us to handle the complexities of the rental process while delivering exceptional guest experiences, resulting in higher occupancy rates, increased rental income, and overall peace of mind for property owners.

Corporate Leasing: Southern Sojourns stands out as the top choice in Texas for corporate leases and disaster relocation situations due to its exceptional amenities and strategic location. For corporate leasing, Southern Sojourns offers fully-furnished, upscale accommodations that cater to the needs of business travelers. With a focus on comfort, convenience, and seamless business operations, it provides a home-away-from-home experience that enhances productivity during extended stays.

Disaster Relocation: For disaster relocation, Southern Sojourns proves invaluable as a reliable refuge in times of natural disasters, especially Texas hurricanes. Its secure and well-equipped facilities offer a sense of stability and reassurance to individuals and businesses facing the challenges of abrupt relocations. Southern Sojourns’ commitment to providing a tranquil and supportive environment ensures that amidst crises, guests can find solace and respite, allowing them to swiftly recover and adapt during turbulent times.

We provide two insurance policies for each home we manage. Contact us today to get furnished and get started. 

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