We are the key

No repairs, no cleanings, no showings.

We will take the seemingly  drawn out and frustrating process of selling your home, and make it into one that is painless and refreshing.

We will help you up

Do you need money for moving expenses? Is the house stuffed with items that need to be removed?  Do you want to avoid the embarrassment of a sheriff eviction?

We can help!

You’ll like the way we do things

We will keep things simple, answer any questions and if we don’t know the answer – we will find out!

No haggle, no fuss, no worries, no lies.

Hakuna Matata!

Document Tracking Service

It can feel as though there are a million forms and documents involved when you’re selling real estate. We’ll track the paperwork and make sure everything’s perfect before closing.

Here are some of the amazing offers we have available for our clients:

close in 3 weeks or less

(depends on any title issues)

No charge for our no haggle offer.

Free assistance in looking for a new place to live

stellar seller services – what do you need?

Because we will always put the customer first, we will always available to listen to what you need. Out commitment to making your realty experience the best imaginable means that we’ll always give you more than the other guys.


erin will provide real results for you.

“I know that sometimes selling your house isn’t the easiest thing to do, I’ve been there. To avoid foreclosure, to stop paying taxes on a house that is empty, to not have to make ANY repairs, to get quick cash to move – whatever the reason you are considering selling your house, I can help you. I will do everything in my power to make sure you will have what you need before I even make a deal with you. Please contact me today for more details on how I can help you.”